Beginning January 1, 2010, all registrants are required to earn eight continuing education units (CEUs) in the areas of health, safety and welfare each year, prior to renewal of their certificate of registration. A minimum of four units must be earned in a structured setting, and a maximum of four units may be earned in a self-directed setting. Additionally, two of the eight units must be obtained from code-related research or learning.

Details of what constitutes a self-directed educational activity (NAC 623.632) and a structured educational activity (NAC 623.634) are outlined in the regulation.

Registrants must earn the required CEUs prior to December 31, 2020, when their 2020 certificates of registration expire.

Nevada law does not allow for an extension to CEU requirements.

An exemption to this requirement is provided for registrants called to active duty in the armed forces. Registrants with medical issues or physical disabilities that prevent them from earning the CEUs may request an exemption from the board.

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